Parkinson’s disease and its treatment with TMS Inteligent ActiPulse®.
The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a new and powerful tool in neurology.
REFERENCE: There´s no limits and exist thousands of references about this new and fantastic technology.
1)Vasodilator that increases blood flow and improves microcirculation in the arterioles and capillaries of hair follicles as well as reducing the blood viscosity(Sergio B. Curri and
contributors: A. Pastare & M. Spinelli); (Benda & Dipoldova; 1988,1989); (Lightwood, 1989).
2) Increased synthesis and collagen regeneration( Bassett y contributors & C. Frank & contributors, O. Murria & contributors).
3) A greater incorporation of amino acids in the protein is checked on the protein synthesis (Delport, Cheng & contributors).
4) Improvement of transport in and out of the membrane cell functions (T.R.Riggs & contributors, A. L. Goldberg).
5) Increase of the AMP - C; giving as a result of power generation and the increase of ATP in the cell interior that allows greater efficiency in sodium against field gradient output
and restore the electric potential transmembrane; facilitating at the same time protein synthesis, increase of metabolism and cell regeneration internal to the large amount of
energy (ATP), these substances are directly involved in cell growth, act as influence of energy on a structure dissipated, causing fluctuations, involving the brain in a higher lever
of complexity, order or coherence. Dr. Clarence Cone, director of the laboratory of cell biology and Molecular of Veterans of the Hospital Center (Virginia), working for NASA
discovered that it was possible to stimulate the regeneration and growth of neurons, through the application of magnetic fields. In our country, studies carried out by Dr. J. M.
Rodríguez Delgado, of the Instituto Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, he showed as an isolated nerve cell or a group of neurons, adapted his electric pace to other pace imposed from
outside by a magnetic field. In the U.S. Dr. William Adey, associate director of the Staif of investigation of the J, L Peltis Memorial Veterans Hospital in California, came to the
same conclusions. These experiments were conducted first in cultures of neurons in vitro that adjusted its pace of shooting outdoors of the pulsating magnetic field
6) Improvement of DNA synthesis. It has been found under the influence of pulsed magnetic fields is enhanced DNA synthesis and cell regeneration (N. Cheng & contributors
Universidad de Leuven, Bélgica).
increased synthesis of RNA.
Increase in the assimilation of calcium.
Stimulation in the red cells of the activity of Na - Ka - ATP, favoring the regulation of sodium.
Capacity of electromagnetic fields waves struck to cross any structure of the organism to directly act on the neurotransmitter system.
Improvement of the assimilation of minerals and trace elements.
Molecular orientation of keratin, collagen and muscle fibers (Sodi and contributors).Increase in the partial pressure of the oxygen.
Studies of William Bauer, Director of the Otolaryngology Department of the Hospital doctor of veterans, claim that an appropriate amplitude and a certain frequency, magnetic
fields can influence the membrane enzyme systems, favourably altering stereoscopic configurations, in the same way as a chemical catalyst keeps the molecules in the correct
orientation for chemical reactions. So it behaves like a hormone on cell membrane; having ability to change not only the brain activity, but the structure, causing it to grow and to
increase its complexity.
7) A vasodilatory effect which increases blood flow and improves the microcirculation in the arterioles and capillaries of you hair follicles; as well as reducing the viscosity of
blood (Sergio B. Curri y contributors: A. Pastare & M. Spinelli); (Benda & Dipoldova; 1988,1989); (Lightwood, 1989).

8) Increased synthesis and regeneration of collagen ( Bassett & contributors & C. Frank & contributors, O. Murria & contributors).
9)A greater incorporation of amino acids in the protein is checked on the protein synthesis (Delport, Cheng & contributors).
10) Improved transport functions in and out of the cell membrane (T.R.Riggs y colaboradores, A. L. Goldberg).
11) Increased uptake and of minerals and trace elements.
12) Molecular orientation (there have been guidelines in parallel with the keratin molecule, collagen and muscle fibers; most importantly is the orientation that suffer the proteins
in the cell membrane to move in parallel, mostly intrinsic proteins, shall be the movements through the observed cell membrane which would explain the polarization of the cell
membrane as observed through the electrocardiogram), in the muscle fibers of the heart. (Sodi and collaborators).
13) On the increase in a P02 (partial pressure of the oxygen). Oxygen builds up in those sites where the magnetic field is more intense. In this regard, it is immaterial that the
field is pulsating or static since the oxygen in this molecular form is ParaMagnetic magnetic field exerts an action of migration lined up on the oxygen dissolved in a fluid causing
a change, an increase in the concentration of the element 02, both inside and on the outside of the cell. Oxygen builds up where the field strength is maximum so that to increase
the P02 can benefit tissue with poor circulation.
In summary: the action of magnetic field reaches the deepest structures increasing blood flow, taking place a greater nutrition of tissues and a greater oxygenation, increasing
the metabolism and elimination of the metabolic substances, activating the vessel dilation of arterioles and capillaries, leading to greater amount of nutrients, minerals and trace
elements, facilitating neuronal recovery.
With the implementation of the TMS can get to modify the specific level of neurotransmitters in a clean way, endogenous and natural, since neurons are prepared to respond to
outside stimulus and fulfill its function; regardless of which way has been the stimulus, thus for example; on the issue of a obesity in aesthetic medicine, the main effective
currently recognized drug is used in their control, sibutramine, which allows to increase the levels in the brains by two neurotransmittersto be especifico:noradrenalina (most
important inhibitor of appetite) and serotonin (which exerts the control of satiety); both in specific areas of the hypothalamus. And harmful side effects of this drug have been
banned in different countries. With this new system we can increase levels of neurotransmitters from a naturally synthesized in the body and without side effects.
There are thousands of pages on the Internet trying to make this new technology TMS

There are hundreds of pages on the internet about the new technologia TMS and its fantastic and beneficial effects.